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Mummyfique is a digital destination that melds intelligent, thoughtful editorial with quality retail products for mothers, babies and young children.

Dedicated to improving the lives of savvy, time-starved modern mothers, Mummyfique takes the legwork out of comparing thousands of products and services on the web and showcases only the best – personally endorsed by the founders themselves – in experiential exposés and actual tests by the Mummyfique team and our families.

At the heart of Mummyfique is a commitment towards supporting mothers whether it be at work or at home. We understand intimately the challenges of being a multi-tasking mother and we strive to create a commercially viable eco-system where Mummyfique plays a key part in helping mothers-led cottage industries by stocking their wares and giving them a platform to showcase their creativity. “By Mothers for Mothers” is a philosophy we live and operate by. You too, can play a part in this movement, showing your support by purchasing one of these meaningful handmade products here.

The Mummyfique team maintains a creative, family-friendly work environment that respects the sanctity of motherhood, diversity, ideas and hard work. Our dream is to prove that you can have work-life balance without compromising on your ideals, success and career goals. We adhere to a strict principle of honesty and integrity in what we do and will only produce articles and offer information that are rooted in facts, and with personal endorsements.

Mummyfique is founded by three modern mummies (mod mummies) who are frustrated with the lack of intelligent, curated content and online shopping options.

If you are a mumpreneur who would like to be featured editorially or would like us to stock your products, please contact us at [email protected] We are always on the look out for new brands to partner with.